30 November 2009

Joshua Giraffe on the Cambodian Coast [Lazy Beach]

last month we celebrated Pchum Benh (a traditional Cambodian Buddhist festival where people pay respect to their ancestors by cooking food for them) by escaping to the beach!

our friends levi & mel joined us & we headed to the coast (about a 5 hour bus ride) once we were at the beach, we hopped (swam is more like it, the boat couldn't dock so we swam out & floated our bags in a huge water cooler) on a boat & rode the waves for nearly two hours. when we disembarked (or dis-swam-barked)we were on Lazy Beach, a totally secluded island with ten charming bungalows & great stretches of beaches & quiet.

highlights include: the first clear evening with an absolutely amazing view of the stars, a beach campfire where we toasted s'mores (mel's first! they don't eat them in Australia) & sang as many raffi songs as we could remember, celebrating mel's birthday with fried bananas, & levi & daniel's beach art.

[note: if you visit us, we will take you to this tropical island paradise too!]


Anonymous said...

What a great post you guys! You've got me more keen than ever to get to this place now! ~Amie

Jamin & Havilah said...

looks amazing. Count me in :) I love the bungallo roof.

Chris and Christina said...

i want to go to there.

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.