9 June 2009

the life & death of an office gecko

Yesterday, our office, usually a place of quiet & peacefulness, became a place of terror for one tiny, incredibly unlucky gecko.

when we arrived at our office i watched a small gecko climb curiously into the air conditioning unit near our ceiling. this had happened once previously & the gecko came flying out of the front of the a.c. with spectacular force, sat stunned for a moment, & then scampered away. at the time, i concluded that was probably the single most exciting thing that would ever happen to that gecko.

i was thinking about that, when the current gecko also came hurling out of the front of the a.c. & landed on our floor with a thud. his tail was moving, but further inspection showed that the top of his little head had been sliced off. his little tongue was even hanging out of his little mouth.

so we swept him out the door, where he was immediately attacked by an army of ants. a day later, we now have a completely clean tiny gecko skeleton on our doorpost.

we were prepared to encounter trauma here in this war-torn country, but i was not prepared for such gecko trauma! :)