7 April 2009

no logo

i saw this sign from afar a few weeks ago & could not believe my eyes.
a real, live starbucks in phnom penh?!?

however, when walking by last weekend, i noticed the fine print around the edges:

"The Place does not possess Starbucks license,
is not a Starbucks representative
but merely sell genuine Starbucks coffee bean made coffee.

it appears that the phrase "copyright infringement" does not translate well into khmer...


Zack said...

Wow, what a tease. Actually, I'm kinda surprised Phnom Penh doesn't already have a Starbucks. I mean, there are six inside our apartment building, and I hear one's opening up next to our toilet. Talk about one stop shopping!

Chris and Christina said...

if corporate starbucks could track down the tiny coffee shop on the queen charlottes for copyright infringement, i'm sure they'll find this place too. http://www.lanebaldwin.com/hbc/news.htm
until then, will they be serving starbucks coffee in plastic bags?

Carrie said...

classic cambodia.