8 December 2008



it is quite a change from the charming brownstone in manhatten or the little loft above the coffee show in terrace, but daniel & i really love our new house in cambodia.
we live above a cambodian family, who are very nice (as far as we can tell, as neither of us speak the same language) & have several children. & a lot of dogs. they run a little roadside shop (all the rage here), where they sell tasty snacks from thailand & cold soda pop in glass bottles.

[here is our street]
but, the best thing about our house is the amazingly beautiful & breezy porch!

it has become a very welcome place of solace for us. in the evenings, after a day in the bustling chaos & busyness that is the city of phnom penh, we look forward to spending time reading & studying in the coolness of our porch.

for lovely inquiring minds, here are some pictures from the inside of our house....

[our stove/kitchen]

[our dining area & entrance to our guest bedroom.
a perfect place of rest for any adventurous cambodian visitors.....]

[our bedroom, complete with mosquito net]


Chris and Christina said...

what cool furniture your place has! it looks like you need to be creative with your cooking. when i lived in holland we only had a stove top as well. are you drinking instant coffee? (yes, i have eagle eyes)do you buy pop from your neighbours and then return the bottles?

Mark Janice Bergen said...

WOW...its really great to see where you live. I can imagine your balcony being a place of solitude...it looks quite peaceful. Hope things are still going well and take care.