4 November 2008

go. joy. peace.

well, tonight daniel & i will hop on a plane in buffalo, ny & when our journey is finished, we will be in phonm penh, cambodia, our new home.

three years ago, when we walked down the aisle, together, after our wedding, it was to the gladful noise of our friends & family singing "you shall go out with joy & be led forth in peace", a song based on isaiah 55:12. this verse has felt like a promise to us, as we've journeyed together as pilgrims, finding joy & the blessings of community in the places we are & continually being led forth in peace, to the new places where the Lord leads.

& as we've prepared for this transition to cambodia, we've been praying for this joy & peace. & the Lord has confirmed his promise to us in little ways-in a church member praying this verse over us, in this song being sung at our mcc "sending service" & in the joyful celebrations we've had with friends & family in the past month, as our journey begins.

as we prepare to go, we've been reflecting on this quote, from helen keller,

Security is mostly a superstition. It does not exist in nature, nor do the children of men as a whole experience it. Avoiding danger is no safer in the long run than outright exposure. Life is either a daring adventure or nothing.

dear friends, we seek your prayers for our safe travels, our transition period & for a faith that is not measured by security, but rather by joy, peace, & selfless love.

a quick recap from our month of farewells...(farewell terrace, with your foggy mountains)

(farewell vancouver friends)

(farewell little autumn jude, our newest love)

(farewell, family)

(farewell, dearest seattle friends)

(farewell, strange amish town)


SuJ'n said...

Godspeed, my friends. Can't wait for the updates from Phnom Penh.

two-shoes Blaine said...

I like that Helen Keller quote. She's got more danger in her pinky than I have in my whole body. Anyways, bon voyage my searching siblings. Do great things.

adriana said...

oh dear friends. everytime i read something from you, it makes me want to cry...maybe becuase it makes me miss you so....maybe becuase it reminds me of how amazing you both are...maybe becuase your words are so often just what i need to hear. especially this: a faith that is not measured by security, but rather by joy, peace, & selfless love. that is my hope for you and for me. thinking of you today and every day during your transition.

Zack said...

Our prayers go with you! Keep us updated on your travels.

amber said...

Godspeed and love to you both. We look forward to hearing what this adventure has in store.

Hilda Siemens said...

I had no idea you guys were heading off to Cambodia! You will be in our prayers...
Amanda that picture of you with Autumn is beautiful!

Lukey Buxton said...

I will come to see you both in a year and a half I imagine... Can't wait to see you guys. Pursue His strength for every day!

Dan, write me. I have incredible news to share...