13 August 2008


this photograph, taken on our recent visit to whidbey island, seems analogous to our current stage of life.

we are pondering stepping into the unknown...

(an excerpt from a letter i wrote recently to a dear, far away, friend)

...we are continuing to process & plan for the next steps in our lives. terrace is so beautiful & there have been many, many positives to our life here. we've been active-hiking, biking, running & playing on a soccer team -we've had a lot of fun with daniel's parents - & we've continued to deepen our friendship with one another.

but its been a struggle in other ways & we've felt restless.

last week we interviewed with mennonite central committee (MCC) & were accepted for a three year service term. we're now at the stage of looking for a placement & are looking at southeast asia. we feel excited, but also quite nervous about the three year commitment.

we really want to rest in the Lord & trust Him if He opens the doors for us to serve with MCC, but terrace feels so safe & our life here so cozy & the idea of leaving our families & friends for such a long period of time is scary. i'm trying to remember that even if we don't choose the "right" next steps (if there is such a thing) that God will not abandon us, but will be with us, even in the midst of the struggles & challenges & our fears.

...I think He may be asking us for a leap of faith; please pray that we would have the courage to jump...


SuJ'n said...

that picture is gorgeous!

i've been thinking of y'all and hoping for a sense of peace as you decide what to do next. "safe" is not a word i've EVER use to describe you as individuals or as a couple. i know that wherever you go and whatever you do, in N America or abroad, you will create movement, progress, and change.

Zack said...

We'll pray for you guys. And hey, I tried calling earlier today, and your outgoing message sounded like "RRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHBUHBUHBUHBUHAmanDDDDDDDDDDDRRRRRRRRbeepRRRRRRRRr..." So, I don't know if you got the message I left. We've been inundated with guest recently, so today was the only time I had to return your call from Wednesday, sorry.