28 August 2008

Fashion Update - New hat and glasses

A few weeks ago our good friend Stephen ended up in Terrace. In addition to supporting my new hat and glasses he was also in the area to support the new conservative candidate for our riding. You may notice that he is doing a much better job of looking generally content with having his picture taken with more young conservative party supporters than I am of looking comfortable with the question of "does an eagerness to take my picture with this guy make me look like a conservative party supporter?"

We thought about using our 10 seconds of conversation to applaud him for his decision to apologize for Canada's legacy of residential schools, or to press him about Canadian divestment action in Darfur. In the end we said nothing but an awkward "it's a pleasure to meet you" and then "...it's been a pleasure to meet you". I hope the placement of our almost touching but not quite hands doesn't suggest otherwise.

[amanda's piping up..."do you think we should let our american friends know this guy is the george bush of canada?"]


Zack said...

Wow. You look really comfortable next to the PM, Daniel. You look relaxed and natural, and not at all like you're straining to keep your left hand from patting Mr. Harper on the butt. Nope, not one bit.

Chris and Christina said...

you got glasses?? you're the only family member to hold out on correcting your vision until adulthood. welcome to the 4-eyed fold. you're definitely an Adventure Scholar now. although round ones may have been more fitting.

and perhaps you were too distracted by the lovely scenery to engage the PM in intelligent conversation. where are you...at the lake?

amber said...

Good ole' Harper. Did you ask him how his reading list with Yann Martel was going?

And nice glasses, Dan. Apparently glasses are so in right now.

amanda + daniel said...

thanks amber. No we didn't think about the reading list until after. It really could have been a good conversation starter.

and yes Christina it is at the lake.there were even security boats patrolling the shore.

Jamin & Havilah said...

Hilarious and Awkward. I love it.

Zack said...

Radiohead cover Neil Young (and not very well): http://stereogum.com/archives/video/radiohead-cover-neil-young_017481.html?utm_source=bb&utm_medium=mc