16 March 2008

Beatlemania! (by daniel)

One unique feature of the last few weeks has been the unusual level of Beatle-related events occurring in our lives. Perhaps it all started way back at funight when Ben Kerby made the totally unfounded remark that the Beatles are overrated & that Paul Simon is better.

Now, normally we wouldn't take this sort of slander seriously. However, last week, due to an unexpected illness, Amanda was granted three unanticipated days of nothing to do but lie in bed. Being the opportunist she is, she got to work doing serious research and pounded through a 600- page book all about the fab four. No small feat, but then again, it has been quite a while since the Beatles dominated the media landscape, and perhaps there was a lot of catching up to do.

Now, it just happened that the very same weekend, probably the biggest act to hit Terrace, BC in several years swung through; 'Twist and Shout' the Beatles tribute band, and my parents got us tickets to see it with them. I must say, it was altogether quite an enjoyable evening. (I challenge Ben Kirby to point out the last time a Paul Simon tribute band has ever put together a noteworthy showing).

For me (Daniel), the best part of seeing this tribute band was realizing that, like Elvis impersonators, there must be a whole world of Beatles cover acts out there. However, in this case, not only does the impersonator need to look, act, talk, and sing like their musical hero, but they also need to collaborate with three others who are equally committed to the same endeavor but with other Beatle personas. I can't help but imagine that somewhere in the world there is a Beatles impersonator convention going on, where people with these ambitions might meet like-minded impersonators to complete their quartet. Lets say you got a George, Paul and a John, where are you ever going to stumble upon a Ringo? It's got to be at the convention. And lets say there's a shortage of Ringo's (cause lets be honest, who wants to play the Starky), conflict is going to break out sooner or later. You would have different incomplete acts trading musicians like sports teams trying to put together their all-star line-up: "I'll give you two Harrisons for your top-rate McCartney" etc... Oh, and for the last night of the convention teams compete trying their best to whip out the most authentic Liverpool accent while mastering the most obscure Beatles songs. And everyone is blown away when the judges select the four best posers to comprise the Dreamteam of Beatles impersonators. All convention goers are reduced to their inner thirteen-year-old girls, and start crying and screaming as this Dreamteam, for one night, plays the most perfectly reproduced "when I'm 64".

Ok, back to reality. To finish off the story, after this concert, our good friend Levi came by for a week. In keeping with tradition, we decided to have art night (with less combine-able words than fun-night) where we painted over a cheesy poster (art night 2006 resulted in a beautiful reinterpretation of The Wedding Planner movie poster), and you'll never guess what we found at the thrift store...... a Beatles poster! We had a wonderful evening out at a cabin at the lake making art and listening to music. In art, as with getting by or high, its amazing what what will come out of a little help from ones friends.

Levi (with the crazy eyes) and Becky showing off our collaborative efforts.