27 February 2008

well, with the weddings of two good friends in the seattle/vancouver area within a month & a work trip to victoria (on vancouver island), our last month has been full of travel.

thankfully, we're completely enamored with our community along the northwest I-5 corridor, so the trips served as a welcomed respite from our current "trying-to-make-new-friends-in-a-new-place" stage of life. its been a month of sleeping on floors & couches & enjoying the hospitality of friends.

trip #1
seattle for james + katherine's wedding

bellingham: highlights with christina & lopez included breakfast in a diamond-shaped diner, record store browsing, great success at the goodwill & the creation of a gift.

seattle:ramsdales: highlights included buying coffee in the most beautiful cup, playing with wren & lucas, a tasty dinner, & a viewing of the inspiring documentary, Heima.

seattle:zack & amber: we spent the rest of our visit hanging out with the rocks. highlights included a feisty discussion on the artistic merits of justin timberlake's album, zack crushing my sigur ros hopes & dreams by showing me this terrible interview, a sleepover with veronica, & the happystance of running into a former roommate in capital hill.

seattle: j & k wedding- a charming wedding/bird themed reception + a reunion of old friends

[last two photos by jonathan]


J + S said...

Nice post! Good to see what you guys are up to. Love that last photo... amazing!


Anonymous said...

Such good times and so nice to see you(s)! Perhaps Zack and I should stage a two-year renewal of our vows to get you guys south again. . . .

Romalie said...

You're not, by any chance, around the area still-- or will be later in March when I'll be there?