13 January 2008

northern living

daniel & i are settling into our daily lives in our new home. while drinking wine & listening to the weakerthan's, surrounded by memories of other dwellings -our starlight from seattle, our wall hangings from fort langley, & our papercut prints from new york city -it is hard to imagine what our terrace incarnation will hold for us.

we are slowly developing the rhythms & routines that make this new (for me) & old (for daniel) environment feel familiar & like home.

here are some captured moments from our last few months...

[nathania's punky hair birthday]

[lots of scrabble, our latest board game preoccupation]

[a kindred spirit, our dear friend luke, visited terrace for a month]

[our record player survived a lonely year in storage]

[we got a consul that plays old nintendo games for christmas from amanda's parents. needless to say , we haven't' been sleeping much since this arrived........dr. mario now fills our dreams]

[experimenting with our new camera & andrew]

[family + christmas]



SuJ'n said...

your lives appear lovely and peaceful. can't wait to hear what's next! :)

lalbe said...

the love of speed scrabble you two instilled in me has been spread all over the country, thanks to my time in LA. the people at work thought I was a prodigy.. they had no idea.

amber said...

I totally forgot about Dr. Mario . . . nice.

We're looking so forward to seeing you!

sister christina said...

where did you get that family picture?

adriana said...

love the new post...it seems warm and peaceful and familial there. i miss you here but am glad you're there too :)

dan said...

we miss you guys! thanks for the nice card and thoughtful note. canada looks beautiful, and your blog makes me think that you're happy up there. i'm glad. soak up that nature for me, i miss it!

Brockport said...

Reading your blog is a comfort to me. It lets me know that you and Daniel continue to find comfort in yourselves wherever life takes you. I am very proud of you both.

Tim and Krysten said...

The snow. Oh, the snow. And the mountains. And the trees. And the snow covered trees on the tree covered mountains. Where do you live again--paradise?

Hope you two sucker fools are doing great. Seems like it. Speaking of vestiges of past homes, I just unexpectedly heard the song we used to wake up to while we were in New York. In an instant, I could see, smell, and feel everything--it was overwhelming. Thank God for working memories and the things that trigger them.