13 January 2008

northern living

daniel & i are settling into our daily lives in our new home. while drinking wine & listening to the weakerthan's, surrounded by memories of other dwellings -our starlight from seattle, our wall hangings from fort langley, & our papercut prints from new york city -it is hard to imagine what our terrace incarnation will hold for us.

we are slowly developing the rhythms & routines that make this new (for me) & old (for daniel) environment feel familiar & like home.

here are some captured moments from our last few months...

[nathania's punky hair birthday]

[lots of scrabble, our latest board game preoccupation]

[a kindred spirit, our dear friend luke, visited terrace for a month]

[our record player survived a lonely year in storage]

[we got a consul that plays old nintendo games for christmas from amanda's parents. needless to say , we haven't' been sleeping much since this arrived........dr. mario now fills our dreams]

[experimenting with our new camera & andrew]

[family + christmas]