9 November 2007

communion + community

it is not easy words we say, nor is it the gifts we give that make us friends. friendship invites us to share not only bread broken, but our brokenness. friendship invites us to share not only wine poured into glasses, but our lives poured out.... we remember Jesus best when we are faithful to our lives and when we share in faithful friendship. this is our memorial to him, the memorial to which He calls us in each eucharist.

- paula ripple


adriana said...

love this quote.

adriana said...

p.s. how's the book you're reading? i've been interested ever since you suggested it - let me know, i might buy it with the b/n gift card i still have from june!!! :)

Veronica . . . said...

This is beautiful. I need to get your blog on an RSS feed somehow, I always love it.