28 October 2007


...cross country trek in snapshots...


[mark made us cookies & muffins & consistently thinks daniel is very funny]

[romalie lives in a mansion in ottawa & likes to drink syrup during cozy breakfasts]


[quebec is beautiful in the fall, pictures taken from moving cars do not do it justice]

[amanda got a flu & apparently became severely dehydrated, so a night in a northern ontario hospital was in order]

[we were surprised by snow in quebec & ontario!]


[oddities & niceties]


[prairies & breakfast with agenese, a latvian friend who we met in lithuania]


[ a charming evening/morning with the sutherland family]

[jasper, alberta]

[the open road]

british columbia:

[destination: our skyscrapers have become mountains]


romalie said...

*still laughing at the picture of daniel eating berries/me imbibing syrup/so sorry to hear of amanda's hospital trip/a wee bit jealous of the snow encounter/happy you made is safely

Anonymous said...

you guys are amazing! all that driving and you still had time to kill a moose!


adriana said...

so pretty guys!!! what a nice constrst to the concrete of nyc! i'm sure it was so nice (except for the hospital visit!!) miss you both!

Brockport said...

so i cried when i read the last entry . . . .
british columbia:
our skyscrapers have become mountains

happy for you, sad for us!


jamie said...

yay, you made it!

amber said...

I'm sorry to hear you were in the hospital, amanda. that sucks. . . .

So after so many rambles, how does it feel to be in beautiful BC?

Anonymous said...

long live def leppard

Jonathan said...

oh no!!! you misssed us in Edmonton!!! SAD!!!

are you guys staying in Langley for a bit?

lalbe said...

I love the snapshots. And the skyscrapers.

amber said...

I will send you the book if you'd like to read it . . . I got it for 50 cents at a book sale. Or, I could hold it as ransom for a visit from you and Dan.

Sarah said...

Oh, what a fun trip! Are you all safe and nestled up there in Northern BC now?

Veronica . . . said...

Can I just say you two are too cool for words?