25 September 2007

the transition continues...

here's an update/what we've been up to since we left nyc. its interactive!

1) we've been frantically searching for jobs in these 4 locations.



terrace (northern b.c.)

[photos by christina from our visit last summer]

we're having trouble making a final decision, so we're putting it to a vote. what do you think?

2) amanda had an interview for a very cool job in ottawa with mennonite central committee. we were having visions of ice skating on the rideau canal but in the end, it did not work out. c'est la vie?

3) we saw a HILARIUS movie, "death at a funeral". if you have not seen it & you feel like laughing continuously for an hour & a half, GO!

4) we visited amanda's grandpa in southern new york & have had lots of fun with amanda's parents these few weeks. its nice being able to visit with family on a regular basis....how much should that factor into where one travels & settles?

5) due to bureaucratic impediments with the ny state department of motor vehicles, we are the proud new owners of a 1993 volvo station wagon. it's white. we're thinking of calling it "the great white" or "casper" or "the ghostrider". any other ideas?

(here is a shot of a particularly close call while daniel was testing out our new car at the local speedway)

6) amanda has a job interview with world vision tomorrow outside of toronto. working for world vision would be wonderful, but we're finding ourselves hesitant about the idea of living in a suburb of toronto (which from google maps appears to be rivaling calgary with its urban sprawl). if you live near toronto, can you tell us good things about how great it is? is it better to have an interesting job or live in an inspiring place? THAT is the final question.

7) to leave you on a happy note, we celebrated with good family friends, adam & emily, at their wedding this weekend. it was a night of great fun courtesy of family, old familiar friends, a dance floor, & an open bar.

13 September 2007


so long.

last week we packed up our belongings, said goodbye to those we leave behind & left manhattan for good. our time in nyc has been full-we have enjoyed the experiment of living in such a bustling, bursting place, been blessed by community living, learned a lot about life, & most importantly, we've been surrounded by a community of beautiful friends whom we have grown to love...

[a beautiful picture our friend lowell took of our church surrounding us with their prayers]

but our hearts have dreams of a journey & a new adventure. we remain pilgrims-traveling, seeking, experience new beauty & finding exhilaration in movement.

in the short term, we're spending some time in western new york with amanda's family & then we'll be driving across the continent back to british columbia & very far north to be with daniel's family for a bit. for now, we're taking a deep breath & waiting upon the Lord for our next adventure.

here are some pictures of our last few weeks in nyc.

[on daniel's birthdy we watched 'pyscho' outside in bryant park]

[& had a birthday sushi picnic in the rain]

[our dear friends adriana & sara accompanied us as we moved from nyc & spent some time with us in western new york at amanda's parent's house]

[at lake ontario]

[in the country]

5 September 2007

talstra visit part 1

in july, daniel's parents & his sister, nathania, came for a new york visit. we spent a weekend in western new york with my folks & spent a summer afternoon picnicking & hiking in letchworth state park. folks around here call it "the grand canyon of the east"

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we also had a "prairie picnic" at my parent's house and enjoyed a sunset with wine & cheese on the shores of lake ontario.