13 September 2007


so long.

last week we packed up our belongings, said goodbye to those we leave behind & left manhattan for good. our time in nyc has been full-we have enjoyed the experiment of living in such a bustling, bursting place, been blessed by community living, learned a lot about life, & most importantly, we've been surrounded by a community of beautiful friends whom we have grown to love...

[a beautiful picture our friend lowell took of our church surrounding us with their prayers]

but our hearts have dreams of a journey & a new adventure. we remain pilgrims-traveling, seeking, experience new beauty & finding exhilaration in movement.

in the short term, we're spending some time in western new york with amanda's family & then we'll be driving across the continent back to british columbia & very far north to be with daniel's family for a bit. for now, we're taking a deep breath & waiting upon the Lord for our next adventure.

here are some pictures of our last few weeks in nyc.

[on daniel's birthdy we watched 'pyscho' outside in bryant park]

[& had a birthday sushi picnic in the rain]

[our dear friends adriana & sara accompanied us as we moved from nyc & spent some time with us in western new york at amanda's parent's house]

[at lake ontario]

[in the country]


elle & josh said...

wow! your time in nyc seems to have been rich with friendships. so glad you lived deeply there. you have an ability to put your roots down deep, spread fully, even in temporary places. i admire that so much!

we definitely identify with the heart's dreams of a journey & a new adventure, of pilgrimage. we are there, too.

any chance your transcontinental roadtrip will lead you through indiana?


sister christina said...

beautiful prayer photo, and on a different level, beautiful rain boots!

nova said...

wow! big changes, deep friendship, good memories...

to safe and lovely journeys these next few weeks!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad Sylvia sent you that photo--I had been meaning to put together a scrapbook for you but time got away from me.

Thanks also for your soap. I don't use soap, but I like looking at it and thinking about the people from other cultures that use soap every day. It makes me laugh.


jamie said...

wow, the big wide world of opportunity awaits! let us know if you're in the area :D

Anonymous said...

get on back here to the west coast!


Jamin & Havilah said...
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Jamin & Havilah said...

I would agree with Lopez :)

Parting is such sweet sorrow.

leah said...

I can only imagine how wonderful it must have been to watch "psycho" in a park.. in nyc... on daniel's birthday!

adriana said...

it's fun to see a new post from you...i love the pictures of brockport...so fun and sunny : ) i'm glad to see you have lots of people who love you on the west coast...even though i'd still rather have you here!!

Anonymous said...

hey talstras, i'm reading "sex, drugs and cocoa puffs." pretty interesting; that guy sure likes to think about pop culture. thanks for the recommendation.

i also think about you both every time i listen to mr. mason jennings.