18 June 2007

abundance: n. a great or plentiful amount. fullness to overflowing

this word, abundance has been rolling around in my head recently. our dear friend, & housemate lowell recently had a birthday gathering (hosted by another dear friend, sylvia, our pastor here in nyc) & after dinner we had a time of blessing & prayer. we passed around a "cup of blessing", each saying the blessings we had received recently & blessings we wished for lowell, then taking a sip & passing it on. the word that sprung to my mind was "abundance". our lives here, since we arrived in september, have been filled to the brim with laughter, friendship, evenings full of food & much love, with learning & growing, with the amazing generosity of others, and with more abundance than we could have ever imagined. our cup truly does overfloweth & we are humbled & amazed.

Grace and peace be yours in abundance through the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord. -2 Peter 1:2

some snapshots from late spring/early summer....

our bi-weekly soup/bread/wine potluck with taylor alumni friends. these photos are from little davis' first soup night & a few weeks before baby adam's arrival into the world.

some photos from our visit to the museum of modern art with jamie & norm

summer saturday brunch at a peruvian resturant with leigh anna, adriana, & scott. plus, scott
with a sweet red horned car.

the hastings family at blaine's graduation from college in virginia.