11 May 2007

i [heart] page france

today i have spent the day listening to ‘hello, dear wind’, by page france, the band I have been dizzyingly smitten with for the past year. they play a sparkling folk-pop that taps on my heart and leaves me with a small smile. you can listen to them here

i like how this guys describes them…” such a joy. it's indie folky pop like a million cloudchanges condensed into minutes. It's great…"jesus" is a song full of promise and zing. it's that greengrassy place where ben Gibbard dances with neutral milk hotel, both of them in flower-garland crowns. There are rings of melody and harmony - voice, acoustic guitar, electric, tambourine, - and one by one these rings are laid on top of each other. one by one until there's a stack of golden rings, which you can put on like a big bracelet. … it's also, admittedly, a song about Jesus. but it's a song about jesus in the same way that "mrs robinson" is about missus r. it's a song about the cool stuff jesus might do, the ways he might surprise us. It's about the party he brings with him…"

and Jesus will come through the ground so dirty / with worms in his hair and a hand so sturdy

and the bears and bees and banana trees will play kazoos and tambourines. And Jesus will dance as we drink his wine / with soldiers and thieves and a sword in his side

[& they are coming to Brooklyn next week... come one, come all!]


adriana said...

makes me want to listen! i like the new blog guys...and am so happy that i can now leave a comment :)

leah rachel said...

a perfect band for sunny days and picnics.

and, by the way, I love the title of your blog. we live in all we seek. a solid and welcome reminder.

we're reading Divisidero by the English Patient guy. I also spell his last name wrong so I am not even going to attempt right now :)


Laura said...

ooooooooh i saw page france last winter in california... sighhhh they played with another AMAZING band... are you familiar with Anathallo?? if not, i urge you to become so. how much longer are you in NY for?? maybe i should drive over for a visit before i settle down with a lame career job or something... hmmm!