8 May 2007


we live in a community called menno house. the house was started by the local mennonite church in the 1970's for conscientious objectors to the draft. now that there is no draft (& hopefully there will never be another one), our house is teeming with social workers, volunteers, & students. there are twelve of us & every tuesday we eat dinner together. here are pictures from our most recent 'soup tuesday'. we ate in our charming backyard & had tasty tomato bleu cheese soup & asparagus.
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Zack said...

Hey guys, good to see you're still alive and eating soup. I had meant to call this past weekend, but... didn't. Maybe I'll try to remember to intend to call again this upcoming weekend. Maybe.

In the meantime, keep posting.

Joel + Sarah said...


I'm so glad you're bloggers, 'cause I can post comments now!

Glad to see you're doing well.

Sarah (& Joel)

James said...

Hi you too. Amanda, I just finished reading Life of Pi recently. I really liked it and realized the ugliness of the carnivore inside of me.

Nova said...

welcome (again) to blog-land, where we connect via the web. wish i could see y'all in person, but i'll take these meager seconds! LOVE from Seattle!!

Veronica said...

I love this post. I'm intrigued. I wanna come visit!
And Life of Pi is one of my favourite tall tales.

Leah said...

mmm, that soup looks amazing.

nateshorb said...

Hey Amanda. I figured I'd check out your blog and return the comment.

This community looks and sounds pretty great. And it's only an hour away from us! We just might have to come visit some day.

jamie said...

yay! now i can comment. but i don't have anything comment-worthy at the moment... but just knowing that i CAN is a huge thrill:D

eisman said...

I really love the collages you guys have put together! They're beautiful. Can I come live with you guys? :)

With regard to the story I posted, it seems all or part of it was fake and/or meant to intimidate - at least the part with the gory details of the torture. There has since been a statement issued in response.